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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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south bay and you're seeing some of that work its way in towards san jose. some of that sneak up along the peninsula, as well. most of it moving further and further to the south as the core of the low continues to move in that direction. it looks like we are going to dry things out. how will that set things up for the weekend? we'll talk more about that in a minute. right now a traffic check with gianna. >> we got first reports of an accident from chp westbound 580 right around eden canyon. lanes may be blocked. so you might see some delays -- actually already seeing yellow on our sensors. this is westbound 580 around eden canyon. we'll keep you updated on that. the left lane is blocked through that area. earlier stall on the bay bridge. we'll get an update on that plus mass transit. but right now back to the news. >> thank you. we begin at 6:00 with a driver who has been arrested for due after hitting a chp officer in san jose this morning. the officer is in the hospital with multiple injuries. kiet do joins us from i-880 where ice may have been a
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factor. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. you can see it right here still on the ground. half an inch to possibly an inch thick in some spots here. this is just off the 880 northbound at the bascomb avenue exit. this is quite a sight to see right here in the santa clara valley. the road itself looks okay. but you're looking at the area that's got dirt and grass here. so that's what's kind of keeping the ice on the ground. we have earlier pictures of the chp officer arriving at valley medical center. he went there with leg injuries and possible facial injuries as well as a result of an accident that happened about 1:30 this morning. chp was responding to reports of ice on the ground. it shut down both directions of 880 at bascomb avenue. it just happened to be localized right there. the officer was helping out another driver when he was hit by that alleged drunk driver. a chp spokesman said they got a lot of calls in at that time. >> we have had a couple calls on both directions here near bascomb avenue with the hail because it looks like it's just
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basically in this area right here. down the street it's dry as anything. so i don't know, just an isolated incident right here. >> reporter: and we were driving around in this area and it was coming down hard at times. you can see here it's still collected out on the -- not on the asphalt but the grassy areas, as well. so you would think that we're somewhere in the sierra but no, we're in west san jose. 880 is back open. everything is back to normal. >> it looks like truckee but you are in san jose. kiet do live in san jose, thank you. the fate of barry bonds is in the hands of a jury. they will give deliberations at 8:30 this morning in the slugger's perjury trial. closing arguments were yesterday. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 about using steroids. if the convicted he could face prison time or home confinement. it is 6:02. a bit of good news for a giants
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fan attacked outside dodger stadium. he is now improved in stable condition but is in a medically- induced coma. he suffered a skull fracture and abuse bruising to the front of his brain last week. a family friend told cbs 5 he is able to follow simple voice commands now. the giants will hold a fundraiser on monday against the dodgers at the game. the san francisco giants at home playing their first home game as world champions and will make it official by raising the pennant before the game. anne makovec is at at&t park with a preview of the celebration. i should say a whole weekend of celebration. anne, good morning. >> reporter: thousands of people have been waiting months for this moment when our world series champions return home to at&t park to the season opener starting this afternoon. first pitch at 1:35. you can see the pitching mound there ready for action after a little bit of hibernation here at at&t park. here's a look at the rundown
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for today. gates at the park open at 10:35. at 12:45 the championship flag will be raised. first pitch at 1:35. national anthem will be sung by the band, train. i'm here with the vice president of sales and marketing. mario alioto, thank you for joining us. very exciting day for you. >> reporter: opening day is always exciting and can't believe we're actually here. feels like we just finished in texas a couple weeks ago and here we are with another season. opening day is all of us a great time. >> so speaking of that, the fans have kind of had the chance to go into hibernation over a few months. the last time of course they won a game, it was away. so how do you think that's going to affect the crowd and the mood here today? >> just by the feeling of the fans all of us over the off season, which didn't really feel like an off season, there is so much excitement. i think fans are definitely ready to see the team today. when we had fanfest a couple of weeks ago, over 40,000 people.
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so i'm not sure our fans have been in hibernation because there's been so much excitement in the bay area since the world series victory. >> our viewers are seeing that now a little replay. can't see that moment enough. >> reporter: a lot of people have also been talking about security. we're expecting almost 42,000 people here today. can you tell us anything about that? >> i think overall, at&t park is going to be a fun -- it's always a fun place to come to and we'll be ready for a big crowd. i'm sure fans will be coming out early because ceremonies start at 12:45. after waiting over 50 years for a world championship victory you don't want to miss the ceremony. come out early. >> reporter: if you can point out quickly where is this championship flag going to be flying? >> our flag court so far in right center field. we have one flagpole that's still without a flag. >> reporter: you see that back there. that's where the flagpole without the flag. that's where we are going to see the championship flag in
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just a few hours. so exciting, mario alioto, thanks for joining us. and you're going to be back here at 6:30, as well. so if you have any questions would you like me to ask him, email us at >> how about tickets? ask him for tickets. >> reporter: are there some tickets left? very difficult to get tickets right now. all three games this weekend are sold out. >> yeah. >> all right. anne, thanks very much. anne makovec in san francisco. >> stubhub is $2,000. >> bundle up if you are going to the game. >> it's going to be cold at the game today and we are trying to get the showers out of the way. we still have some showers, folks, in the bay area showing up. most of that further to the south, though, as you can see along the peninsula, redwood city, palo alto. you have some scattered showers here, also into san jose. we have seen some thunderstorms popping up producing some hail this morning. so that's definitely a possibility early on but i think as we head in toward the middle of the day in the afternoon, about game time, skies going to part and we are
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going tok looking good. partly -- going to be looking good. partly cloudy skies, 30s and 40s around the bay area, still scattered showers down to 33 degrees in fairfield right now 38 in san rafael, 42 in san jose. this afternoon, let's plan on those temperatures up in the 40s and 60s. -- 50s and 60s. high pressure on the weekend should be nice. let's check traffic with gianna. >> let's get updated on this accident in dublin. westbound 580 around eden canyon. chp, all lanes are open delays should be thinning out westbound 580 at eden canyon. couple cars involved, all the activity on the right shoulder. of course, eastbound not showing any delays. west downed still slow through that portion. if you are making your way to the bay bridge this morning, traffic friday light. metering lights are still off. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. no delays past the toll plaza. you are clear across the upper deck into san francisco. also 880 looking very nice this morning in both directions traffic heading northbound through oakland, no delays
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southbound heading into hayward, things moving nicely. san mateo bridge also problem- free. mass transit right on time. coming up in my next report i'll tell you how you're going to get to the game using mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. 6:08. a countdown to shutdown. the progress lawmakers are making to reach a budget deal. >> a twist in the case of jaycee dugard. the surprised plea from the alleged kidnapper and claims against the grand jury coming up.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. scattered showers around the bay area. it's cold outside, too. showers should be winding down. we'll have more on that and your weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, lawrence. still no answer to the question, will the federal government have to shut down late tonight? in fact, talks are still ongoing in washington to avoid that. let's go to joel brown, he joins us now from the nation's capital with the latest. joel, tell us more about what's happening with budget talks now. any more meetings? >> reporter: negotiators were at the bargaining table until 3 a.m. but there is still no budget deal this morning. so there is as down to the wire
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as it gets. democrats and republicans are said to agree on about 70% of the budget cuts. i guess the question this morning is whether harry reid and john boehner at some point today will go back to their respective caucuses and say, look, guys, we fought as hard as we could. but this is a deal that's take it or leave it. >> the big question, what's the sticking point? i know there's many, but why can't these two politicians come together and work something out for the american people? they have to. >> reporter: yeah. they have to, frank. but what the sticking points are really depends on who you talk to. democrats say this is about one issue, that republicans are blocking a deal because they disagree with some of the federal funding for companies like planned parenthood, $300 million because think provide abortion. republicans say it's about bigger issues, like the budget cuts. it appears they are getting close on the money. there's room here or at least appears they are getting close to somewhere between the $33 billion that democrats have
6:13 am
agreed to in cuts and the $40 billion that republicans are demanding. >> so joel, if there is no deal by tonight, i mean, what happens next? what are the options if any? >> sydnie, it appears that stop- gap measure that the house passed yesterday with all support and some democrats is dead on arrival in the senate. democrats don't like it. the president said he will veto it if it gets to his desk. but the white house says that the president would support what they are calling a "clean" continuing resolution. that would be a temporary plan without the $12 billion in republican spending cuts. it would fund the government for another week or so and give negotiators potentially the time they need to strike a compromise. >> so midnight tonight we'll all find out whether it's extended or these two parties can figure it all out. joel brown live in washington, thank you, joel. good luck covering this today. >> thanks, joel. you think about all. -- what they consider nonessential employees who will be cut off from a paycheck, don't go to work. the soldiers who don't get paid
6:14 am
over in iraq and afghanistan. very tough times for their families if they can't get something done. >> and i believe a lot of things will continue. security here on the homefront and that kind of thing. a lot of nonessential things will affect all o us. phillip garrido backing out of a plea deal in his kidnapping case. why his attorney is challenge the actions of the grand jury. >> on the day of the giants home opener barry bonds could learn his fate. what he is facing if he is convicte coming up. >> what's being kept a secret at at&t park until tomorrow. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you here's a check of today's top stories. the driver who hit a chp officer in san jose has now been arrested for dui. it happened just before 2 a.m. as the officer responded to an accident on the northbound interstate 880 off-ramp to bascomb avenue. the officer has a broken leg and facial injuries. it's not clear if hail on the road was also a factor in that accident. a verdict could be reached today in the barry bonds perjury trial. jury deliberations begin in just about two hours.
6:18 am
bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 about taking steroids. he faces time in prison or perhaps home confinement. and alleged kidnapper phillip garrido is headed to trial in august. he pleaded not guilty to kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive in antioch for 18 years. he was expected to plead guilty but his attorney says the grand jury was inappropriately selected and acted inappropriately. folks, we are trying to figure out this weather to get it straightened out for the weekend. i think it's going to work out okay. hey, we have a ballgame to do. the giants opener today. and yup, we got chopper 5 up there checking out the park right now. it is quiet but soon, we'll be filled with fans screaming and enjoying baseball back in the bay area. so we are going to try to get the weather to cooperate but we still have showers showing up around our area right now. along the peninsula showers moving in towards redwood city and palo alto popping up as the
6:19 am
core of the low makes its way through the bay area. that's allowing for some thunderstorms to pop up. things settling down right now. more scattered showers, no hailstorms we saw earlier today. that should continue to wind down and as it does we'll try to dry out around the bay area a bit so partly cloudy skies, temperatures still going to be cool out to the park numbers mainly into the 50s. 60s elsewhere though. right now it is chilly in spots. we have 33 degrees just hovering above freezing in fairfield, 35 in napa and 42 degrees in san jose. if you are traveling around the state, scattered showers here mainly in the morning hours. by the afternoon that should dry out and, of course, the high country looking at the possibility of some more snow up there. some very cold air plunging in from the gulf of alaska diving into the bay area bringing us unusually cold temperatures. showers end this morning and then that sets the stage for a nice weekend as high pressure begins back in. today 50s and 60s for highs. toward the afternoon hours, more sunshine and numbers up
6:20 am
into the 60s in the afternoon. toward the weekend chance of showers returning again on monday. gianna has traffic. >> thank you. we are actually following a developing story out of oakland right now. we just got word of a shooting at international boulevard near 39th street. again, this is in oakland. lots of police activity on scene. possible lane closures, as well. again a shooting international boulevard near 39th street in oakland. we'll get you more information as it comes in. right now, let's head to the freeways. looking live at 880 in oakland, traffic not doing bad at all. in fact, it is friday light through here. northbound just cruising along into the maze. southbound 880 a nice ride towards hayward. san mateo bridge also checking in problem-free. one of our slowest spots typical this time of the morning through antioch westbound highway 4. getting busy a street to somersville. off the bridge though traffic still very light through that portion. elsewhere we are getting word of delays for mass transit about 10 minutes for bart heading to the daly city, sfo or millbrae direction.
6:21 am
so give yourself some extra time. mass transit on time. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain no troubles. later on today, caltrain has a special train leaving from san jose around 9:45. so you can use that to head to the giants game. bart will be running longer trains, as well. let's head to chopper 5 right now for a live look near at&t park. this is embarcadero. right now things are quiet. no delays to report. traffic coming offer the 280 extension to king street things look nice but later on it will be busy due to the game today. giants versus the cardinals. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. at&t park officially out of hibernation. >> it sure is. giants home opener just hours away. the biggest change fans will see at the stadium when they go there, all coming up. stay right there. ,,,,
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there is a pretty sight. >> just a couple of hours it's going to be filled with fans. >> a lot of hot dogs, a lot of popcorn. and some giants and some cardinals, big day today to say the at least. >> that's right. a few hours more and everything starts there. at&t park as well as the fans. >> i found out after a little visit there yesterday morning. >> reporter: at&t park is officially aout of hibernation. every brick and walkway polished and primed, buntings hung, banners draped and
6:25 am
waiting even the streets trimmed. inside the mound is perfectly groomed. the infield, the envy of mlb. willie is ready and mccovey cove is, too. after 162 days dormant, it's time to play ball. >> i think they will be on fire, awesome. can't wait. >> reporter: do you miss them? >> yes, big time. >> reporter: maybe the biggest change in the ballpark are two words. there they are, world champions. they are proudly displayed everywhere the i can see. hey, why not? players and fans are brimming with pride and it's trickled down to everyone. >> big time. big time, high expectations for everything. >> world champs. >> reporter: i officially counted the number of timed world champions is around the stadium. i have it up to 8 75. is that pretty close? >> probably pretty good. that's -- i'm sure i'm going to get that question but now we are going to have to go around and count. >> reporter: today the world series title flag will be raised in right center.
6:26 am
saturday the giants will don these commemorative jerseys as they get their rings. heavy bling on the jerseys, too. not to mention the price tag. >> the price tag on this baby 225. what do you think? >> for what it means to me, the price doesn't matter. really. >> reporter: really? >> yes. you would pay? >> yes. >> reporter: this home opener comes at a great time because the giants are out of the gates a little slow. they have won only two of the first six games and you know what? a little at&t tlc just might warm them up. have you seen the rings? >> i have not. >> reporter: you haven't? >> no. haven't seen the rings. >> reporter: secret , huh? >> a big secret. it is a big secret. so saturday we will all see the rings. >> kind of hush-hush over there. no one has seen the rings except for the top, top execs. but we're told they are made by tiffany's and they are not going to be these big gawdy things. there are of course be many stones in them but they will be very nice. >> we hope the giants get some
6:27 am
momentum from all the fans. a bit of a homecoming for tony la russa >> he was the last manager of a baseball team in the bay area with the as back in 1989 the earthquake series and lost in 1990. i'll be at momo's at noon so if you want to see a whole bunch of action tune in at noon. anne makovec and dennis o'donnell will be there. check it out. 6:27. a preprevious for caltrain at least for now. why -- a reprieve for caltrain at least for now. why more stations will stay open even though there is a budget deficit. >> oakland we have a problem. the latest communication breakdown between police and dispatchers. ice on the ground here in san jose plays a factor in a crash that injuries a chp officer. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. >> reporter: i'm live at at&t park on a very exciting morning here for the entire bay area. we will preview the giants home series world opener coming up.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good morning, everyone. it is friday, the 8th of april. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. and it's friday. so everyone is in a good mood. we have baseball. it's going to make you happy. but it is a little chilly out there. just a little. lawrence, warm it up, would you?
6:31 am
>> you had to find something wrong, huh, sydnie? it's friday, great, day off tomorrow. >> then we go to you. >> now we go to me, right. we have some sunshine showing up in parts of the bay area, still some showers though as that storm system lingers and scattered showers continuing in along the peninsula. some of that down towards redwood city and the san jose area. those should begin to diminish through the morning. we are going to dry out. should be a decent day and should be a better weekend. more on that in just a moment. first a check of traffic with gianna. >> thank you. live to chopper 5, we just got word of an accident on the bay bridge. upper deck of the bay bridge just east of treasure island, couple of cars involved. tow trucks on scene. it is causing slow conditions as you work your way past the area. fire crews also on scene so injuries reported in this accident. again very slow on the upper deck. as a result they have turned on the metering lights. we are seeing delays at the toll plaza especially up the incline. also bart delays to report. all that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. a driver is now under
6:32 am
arrest for dui after his car hit a highway patrol officer in san jose this morning. let's go to kiet do at interstate 880 and bascomb avenue where hail actually may have played a part in this crash. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have more details about the injured officer. he apparently broke his leg and specifically the two bones involved the shinbone and the fibula. so those are the two bones just below the knee. the officer is also a four-year veteran assigned to a patrol car. we have some video of him arriving at valley medical center in san jose this morning. he suffered some facial injuries, as well. but the chp says that the injuries are not life- threatening. at 1:30 or 2 a.m. this morning, a thunderstorm cell dumped hail out here, probably half an inch to an inch thick or so on the ground. it shut down both sections of 880 and then a driver needed help so a chp arrived on the scene to help the driver. then that's when he was struck by another driver in a pickup
6:33 am
truck. that other driver has been arrested for drunk driving and charged with dui. a chp spokesman says that they received quite a few calls regarding ice. >> a couple calls on both directions here near bascomb avenue with the hail because it looks like it's just basically in this area right here. down the street it's dry. so i don't know, just isolated incident right here. >> reporter: all righty. so we have some video here. this is a lot of ice that was around bascomb avenue and 880. pieces of hail around here measuring probably an 8th inch across or so. and i have some in my hand right here. you can see these pellets are still intact so it gives you an idea of how big and cold the storm cell was. the asphalt is wet but it's not slick. so that's good news for drivers and that's why you see a lot of the traffic out here behind me on 880 moving pretty well now in both directions. so things back to normal out
6:34 am
here. but that officer is going to be recovering from his injuries for quite some time. back to you. >> it must be very cool out there, kiet. you showed us the hail two hours ago and it's still there. thank you, kiet do in san jose. the fate of barry bonds now in the hands of a jury. they will begin deliberations 589307 this morning in the slugger's perjury trial. both sides giving closing arguments yesterday. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 about steroid use. if convicted, he could face prison time or home confinement. 637 4. the condition of that giants fan brutally beaten outside dodger stadium has been upgraded to stable now but bryan stow is still in a medically-induced coma. he suffered a skull fracture and bruising tonight frontal lobe of his brain during an attack on opening day. now, we caught up with a close friend of stow's after she visited him in the hospital last night. gina lenson says stow could follow simple voice commands
6:35 am
and is now lifting a leg. lenson also said stow would be very touched by the all the support he has been getting. >> -- by all the support he has been getting. >> he would be so excited because he lost attention so he would be so touched and so excited and i'm just devastated that he's not able to be part of it. he would be eating it up. >> giants will hold a fundraiser during monday's home game again, the dodgers. and -- against the dodgers. we are just hours away from the giants home opener. >> that's right. the reigning world series champion hoisting their world series title flag this afternoon. let's go to anne makovec. she is at at&t park with a look at the celebration, all the plans, and also we should talk about the security measures that are in place for the game. anne, good morning. >> reporter: we could not talk about this enough today. it's friday. the sun is coming up here over at&t park. very excited to be here. and we have a celebrity appearance. this is actually become a local celebrity even though it is an
6:36 am
inanimate object, the world series trophy on the field in all of its glory. i want you to take a look at the other end of the field. there is one flagpole that still needs a flag. that is going to house the championship flag in just a few hours at the giants home opener against the cardinals. i'm here with mario alioto the senior vice president of revenue here for the giants. obviously, a very exciting morning. >> sure is. opening day, the sun is just coming up over the ballpark and there is no better day than opening day. >> reporter: tell me about the festivities when the gates open. >> reporter: they open at 10:30, sold-out crowd, pre- gamer is miss start at 12:45. with raising of the championship flag, as you can imagine, and all the other festivities that surround opening day, you're not going to want to miss it. we have been working on it for quite a while. raising the flag will be special. >> reporter: do you have any tricks up your sleeve? >> a few. we are not going to tell you
6:37 am
what we're going to do but let's put it this way. we spent a lot of time yesterday rehearsing it. so we're very excited. this is really an opening day we just are so excited about. actually i can't wait until the fans get here and pull it all off. >> reporter: it's going to be a different scene from what we're seeing right now. now, i know we are not allowed to touch or walk on the grass. why is that? >> reporter: there is something special about the grass. it's like a pool table. it doesn't die if you step on it. it just kind of is reverent. we have to stay off it. let's show the world series trophy. that's the only object that can be on the field. >> reporter: thanks for joining us this morning. i think a few seagulls didn't get the measure and they have been on the field. extra security will be in place and police will be sweeping the parking lots after the game but everything is generally expecting an elated crowd at at&t park here. >> you would think they would get a table for the trophy. just put it on the grass out
6:38 am
there? oh, yeah. >> reporter: you know, it looks right there. it looks right. >> come on. i bet that grass is about as nice as the green at the masters this weekend. that trophy is so beautiful. >> reporter: i'm standing a few feet away and it's so close yet so far. i've tendency to want to do what you're not supposed to. so i'm really close to dodging on the field and giving the trophy a kiss but i don't want to get carted out here by about six really large guys so i'm not going to do it. >> maybe at 7:00 when you're done. >> lawrence wanted to slide into home plated. so he is worse than you. >> reporter: okay. yeah. he is going to need some special access for that to say the at least. probably from god himself. >> anne makovec having some fun. >> enjoy your morning anne. we'll see you at noon as well. >> reporter: i'll be here. the giants are celebrating the world series winning season
6:39 am
all weekend long so tomorrow the players get their championship rings. gates open at 5:05. the ring ceremony will start at 6:15. by the way, sammy hagar will sing the national anthem before that game starts at 7:05, train will sing today. the first 20,000 fans in the ballpark will also receive a world series commemorative key ring. 6:39. lawrence, you can't slide into home plate but i saw the sky behind anne and it looks beautiful and clear. maybe a little chilly so everybody will have to buy giants sweatshirts, right? >> i would think so before the game today. it's going to be chilly at the game. i started to think about all that food, the peanuts, the crackerjacks, all that good tasting stuff. of course you have all that at the park. it is cold though around the bay area right now. we continue to see some showers out there and you are going to have to watch out for the possibility of some thunderstorms but this is quickly winding down this morning. so i think by game time we're looking good. partly cloudy skies, temperatures mainly in fact 50s. it should be dry out there. still a chance of showers early
6:40 am
this morning. that will taper off throughout the day. temperatures are cold. we have 33 degrees in fairfield, 35 napa, and 42 in san jose. . this afternoon let's plan on 50s and 60s. much better weather over the weekend too. we'll talk more about that in a minute. right now let's check on traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. a video we took moments ago of chopper 5 of this accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge. three or four cars involved and you can see lots of activity on scene. injuries reported. as a result, it's causing quite a bit of a backup for the bay bridge. this is westbound upper deck of the bay bridge just east of treasure island. if we jump over to our maps, we'll show you what it's doing in regards to the sensor. traffic really slow towards the toll plaza coming off of the eastshore freeway, as well. in fact, the bay bridge metering lights are on backed up to the maze. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, new hope for caltrain to keep more stations alive. the board voting to delay action on proposed cuts last night. it wants to seek other ways of
6:41 am
funding before any decision is made. and that means the proposed closures of three stations would only be temporary. now, it is one of the plans to make up for caltrans' $30 million deficit. the board set to vote april 21. it is 6:41. google joining forces now with a major name in online travel. >> plus, down to the wire. the government facing a partial shutdown if no deal is reached by midnight. phil matier and former san francisco mayor willie brown will weigh in on what it means for us. >> and the market just opens minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. friday is a good day. green lights straight up all across the board. we'll check the numbers with jason brooks with kcbs and coming up.
6:42 am
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lysol's got you covered. for tips on a healthy home, visit scattered showers around the bay area starting to wind down. we have thunderstorms early on producing some hail. now we are seeing scattered showers, this little line in toward the peninsula. still you get caught under that, you can see some brief heavier downpours but this should wind down through the morning then toward the middle of the day, rain will be done. we are talking about partly
6:45 am
cloudy skies and dry in the afternoon. temperatures still going to be cool. only 50s and 60s for highs today so still running well below average for this time of year. just above freezing now in fairfield at 33. 35 in napa. it is 42 in san jose. and 42 degrees in san francisco. if you plan to travel around the state you will find showers left over in the sacramento valley and toward fresno and the high country a few more snowflakes. bring chains heading in that direction. looks like high pressure trying to build in but boy, what a trough it's been. it's a very cold trough bringing that cold air to the bay area even a possible tornado. and a thunderstorm early on this morning. high pressure should dry things out nicely. this afternoon cool, only 57, breezy in pacifica and 59 degrees in san rafael, 59 in fremont. showers late sunday night into monday. doesn't look like a big deal.
6:46 am
then looks like we dry outcome tuesday and wednesday of next week. let's check traffic with gianna. we start with a live look at the san mateo bridge. we had word of a broken-down vehicle westbound at the flat section. they cleared it out of the way. traffic moving better towards foster city. delays at the bay bridge, backed up to west grand at this point or beyond. accident at treasure island, cleared off the freeway but the damage is down, very slow, metering lights on. slow across the upper deck working your way into san francisco. delays off the eastshore freeway also. bart with delays, 20 minutes on the daly city line. ace train, muni, caltrain problem-free. hi-5 time over at&t park. do we have chopper? there we get. chopper 5 over at&t park. you are not a true giants fan unless you're like these guys
6:47 am
out here at 6:45 in the morning showing their true giants spirit waving hi-5 there because the giants home opener taking place today at 1:35. a group of fans showing their love for the giants today, world series champs. they will have the official flag raising of the championship flag today so a lot of fun expected out there today but you're going to see some delays along embarcadero as a result. bart has special longer trains running today, caltrain has a special train leaving from san jose diridon station at 9:56 a.m. so great way to get to the game. again, thanks, guys, for hanging out this morning. these guys get the award for true giants fans definitely. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you. >> they will have breakfast and lunch at the stadium. >> maybe dinner if they have a long lunch. good stuff. good stuff. thank you, gianna. >> 6:47. looks like google is about to become a major player in online travel. >> let's find out more about that from jason brooks with kcbs and
6:48 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. very big deal looking like it's going to go in google's favor. that's a $700 million purchase of ita software last year. a number of reports say that federal regulators will likely sign off on the deal, although with a number of conditions. a lot of rival companies have opposed that deal including expedia and microsoft. ita is the biggest airfare tracker out there. if google got control it might shut off the service to them or jack up the rates that they currently have in licensing deals. conditions will be tied to that agreement. potentially big move when it comes to private stocks in companies like facebook and twitter and sink a. the ses is considering relaxing the number of shareholders, private shareholders, in those companies. that will mean those companies could raise more money, put off ipos further into the future, allows them to do that without having to divulge their financial information like a public company. stocks are off to a positive start this morning. the dow is up 12 points.
6:49 am
nasdaq is gaining 5. s&p higher by 2. keep an eye on oil prices. they are up another $1 to over $111 a barrel. >> yeah, it's scary to go to the gas station these days. >> just don't go. >> that's the guy it. >> my commute got much better when i moved to san francisco. >> lots of walking. thank you, -- jason brooks with kcbs and the countdown to shutdown we are in the final hours now before the federal government could shut down. >> so what does it all mean for us if no deal is reached? with a breakdown cbs 5 political insider phil matier, former san francisco mayor willie brown. they are going to dice it up i'm sure. >> gentlemen, good morning. >> i'm trying to figure out what is a bigger joke, the idea of the government shutting down, the idea of their shutting down what they are shutting down about or the media coverage it's getting. could on. if it's shut down what happens? >> think it's more the media coverage is what happens for the shutdown because sometimes you can't tell whether or not
6:50 am
the government's working anyway. [ laughter ] >> i agree with you on that. >> you know, listening to a report, there is president obama out there trying to work something out because the guy's popularity isn't good. the only guy with worse popularity are these two guys, harry reid and boehner. what's the story? >> you have to know that newt gingrich said whatever you do, don't let the government get shut down. he says the republicans were alarmed by that after they had done the contract on america, these new guys apparently have not gotten that lesson. >> okay. but when we talk about shutdown, the congressional people are still going to get their paychecks but they have to do without their elevator operators in the capital. alcatraz will be shutting down but most of the operations will continue. >> keep in mind, nobody really checks on who is working on who isn't for the federal government. and if you're in the barry bonds trial, maybe you want the government to shut down. >> moving on to other things, president obama is coming to san francisco. >> on the 20th and the 21st.
6:51 am
>> now the government might be shutting down but he is -- the political machine keeps revving up. do you know how much he is charge, for dinner this time? >> $35,800. >> but that's not really the price. it's more than that. >> what? >> it's a lot more than that if you really want some exposure to the president you really will have to come up with some big bucks. so the $100,000 guys will be standing in line. >> are we going to see donald trump as a presidential contender? >> it certainly would make for good cover if we did. >> in the polls so far in new hampshire, 10%. >> that doesn't mean anything. are you kidding me? donald trump? he will be just like sarah palin eventually. >> she is not doing too badly either. >> no. >> he has a problem with the donald. he has competition. >> no. not really. he only wear red ties. you know me. i reduce it to the basic. >> gentlemen, are you going to
6:52 am
the game this afternoon? the home opener? >> i'm ticketed to go there. i don't know whether i will or not. but what else will i do with the orange shoes? >> they are. >> i think, yeah, orange shoes. >> you got some of the outfits -- >> the swag here sitting on the desk. we'll share that with you here in short order. that's a pretty sight. see this hat right here? that's the commemorative hat that the giants will wear on saturday. they also have commemorative jerseys when they get their rings. it looks like 14-karat gold. it's beautiful. 34 bucks by the way if you are going to pick one of these babies up in the dugout. >> they are priceless for giants fans. >> no doubt. >> forgot to say thank you, phil and former san francisco mayor willie brown and enjoin your weekend. thanks very much. we'll see you. >> you want to bid on the hat? >> no. not my style. [ laughter ] >> not for 34 bucks. >> gentlemen, thank you very
6:53 am
much. 6:52. a chp officer hit by a car. we'll have the latest on the driver's arrest and the officer's condition. >> plus, fans getting ready to packat&t, security changes at the game coming up. >> if you have a story idea or comment to share, email fire shirt friday. a big shoutout to the san francisco fire department.
6:54 am
6:55 am
dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems.
6:56 am
[ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. and we are back at 6:56. a driver under arrest on suspicion of drunk driving after a car struck a chp officer in san jose. it happened just before 2:00 this morning on interstate 880 at bascomb avenue. icy road conditions may have been a factor as hail covered the ground around that interchange. the officer is at valley medical center being treated for a broken leg and injuries to his face. this afternoon, the san francisco giants playing their first home game as world champs. let's go to anne makovec. she's at at&t park where they are going to raise the pennant before today's game. anne, good morning. >> reporter: so exciting, fans already lined up outside of the park. but we have the special sneak preview inside of the park. you can see we have some grounds tenders over here doing
6:57 am
some of the last-minute preparations on the field, which we have been told we cannot walk on. and you can see at the back of the field there, there is an empty flagpole ready for the world championship flag that is going to be hoisted just after noon today. here's a look at the schedule. the gates are going to open at 10:35 this morning. the flag raising at 12:45. and the first pitch is going to be thrown out in the giants versus cardinals game at 1:35. for kicks, let's take one more look at the world series win a few months ago. fans have been hibernating since this moment. a very elated crowd there. we are expecting that enthusiasm to come back here in no time once the 42,000 fans see their world champion giants back here at home. first pitch at 1:35. >> thank you, anne makovec at
6:58 am
at&t park. the games upstairs, lawrence has been eyeballing the hat over here. i don't want to mess up my hair. >> it would look great on gianna, as well >> i'll take it. >> lawrence, what's the weather? >> showers continuing moist of into on the peninsula and the south bay. that should end for game time. looking good. skies going to part. lots of sunshine coming toward our way in the afternoon hours. temperatures going to be cooling in the 50s and 60s. if you are heading out to the game, looking good. the official game time forecast, 58 degrees partly cloudy, a little bit breezy. all right. let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we have had our eye on this trouble spot at the bay bridge. good news is they have cleared an accident out of lanes. upper deck just before treasure island all the activity off the bridge but again you can see traffic really backed up there. slow and go working your way pretty much to the maze. metering lights are on. lots of sluggish conditions. you can use bart. bart is now back on time. no delays. things are looking good daly city line moving up to speed.
6:59 am
ace, muni, caltrain problem- free. live look at chopper 5 over at&t. you can see king street and embarcadero there. right now looks good. later on it's going to be a mess out there because of the game. so heads up. >> no doubt people at the bay bridge want to get to work early so they can leave early and watch the game. >> watch our noon show. i'll be at momo's. dennis o'donnell will be there. anne will be in the ballpark. we are going to have a lot of fun so check it out. if you have 34 bucks, these hats are fantastic. >> look at that. just beautiful. and we are wishing the giants good luck today. here is one more look at the final out that made them world series champs. >> here it is, struck him out! and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions! [ applause and cheers ] >> jonathan sanchez on the mound this afternoon for the giants. going to be so exciting out there. >> well, it certainly was that night. i can remember watching that out on the east coast. good stuff. one last look at


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